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The Neapolitan Mastiff is a rare animal that originates from Italy, some 4000 years ago. In the Roman ages,

thier sole purpose was to protect and guard. Due to their massive size and great strength people would already be intimidated

by them.These loyal animals remained at their master's side during warfare and peace. They were even once used in battles

by great Roman leaders. Their courage and strength eventually bought them respect and freedom. Although now we do not

need to protect our homes from an attack, we all need to protect our families and have a companion in our lives. Once, great

men from the past trusted these dogs, why not us? I think that in a way they are the "guardians of our loved ones", but that

is something that each person must decide for him/herself.



These giants are actually non-aggressive and very gentle with the family. They are loyal and do their best to defend

and protect their family.



If you're fond of magnificent creatures the Mastino will fascinate you. They are very muscular and heavy boned,

weighing up to 170 lbs and measuring up to 31 inches in height. Wrinkles hang from their faces and bodies, giving them a

peculiar dignity. They have an astounding head and imposing size that intimidates the eye when seen standing erect and alert.

The humblest parts of the Mastino our their droopy eyes and their ears that hang down their face. Many breeders though

crop the ears, but I find Neo's more attractive with their puppy ears.


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