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Eros and Nina are the newly parents of their first litter of eleven. First I'll give you a liitle of background information on

them.Eros was born on June 6th,1999 while his soul mate was born just 15 days later, June 21st. Yes, these two

happy dogs were made to be with each other. Along with thier everlasting love for one another, they are

registered to 2 clubs: United States Neapolitan Mastiff Club (USNMC) and the Northwest Neapolitan

Mastiff Club of America (NWNMCA), and both of them are great-grandchildren of great champions.



This is Nina and the cute little munchkin by her is my daughter. Even though she is a little

over 100 lbs., she is a sweetie with the family, but I wouldn't recommend a stranger to

come up to her and expect a kiss from her.


Eros at six months old is busy chewing his favorite toy...sticks.


Now who is going to mess with this 130 lb. dog? Nobody messes with 11 month old Eros!


Nina too is on the job, watching over her territory. (10 months)


Eros- "Hello Ladies."


My daughter reaches up to pet Eros as she lays by his side.


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